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Arapahoe Community College Degrees

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Arapahoe Community College in Littleton is a Colorado public institution. It was established in 1965 and is one of the oldest community colleges in Denver. There are many undergraduate programs offered by the college. If you are considering pursuing an ACC diploma, you can read on to learn about the courses you will need.

Getting an ACC degree

An ACC degree is a great way to start your career and get ahead in the job market. There are many academic programs offered by the college that can prepare students for employment immediately or transfer to a four year university. Admission requirements vary by program and a few prerequisite courses may be required before you can enroll. Both returning students, as well as newcomers, are eligible to enroll.

More than 100 programs are offered by the college in 10 different areas. An Associate of Arts (AA), university transfer credit, or career-technical certificate can all be earned at the college. Austin Community College also has many options for high-school students. There are many options for students to choose from, including classroom settings that don't conform to the norm and hands-on laboratories. You can also take advantage of college career services, attend cultural events, and go on field trips while you earn your degree.

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Courses required

The Arapahoe Community College requires students to take certain courses in order to earn a degree. These courses are outlined in the college's Catalog. Arapahoe also reserves the right to change these policies at any time. For the most current information, students should visit the college's website.

The college offers many programs. An Associate of Science degree can be pursued in Business, Art History (Art History), Psychology, Human Development, Psychology and Human Development. You can also earn a degree in Spanish or another foreign language.

Acceptance into a 4-year college

Arapahoe Community College is a public institution located in Littleton, Colorado. It enrolls 11,544 students. They follow a semester-based academic schedule. It offers many degree programs in 16 different areas. Many of these degree programs can be transferred into 4-year institutions.

Whether you are interested in continuing your education or getting a career credential, ACC is a great place to start. Courses are offered online and at local high school campuses. You can even earn your workforce credential while pursuing your degree.

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Study abroad options at ACC

Arapahoe Community College's study abroad program offers many options for students interested in gaining global experience. These programs offer guided learning, cultural involvement, and program immersion. They are designed to develop students' personal skills and help them reach their professional and educational goals. A Study Abroad Club at the college meets regularly to increase international understanding, and cultural diversity.

The college offers several study abroad options. These range from programs in Western Europe, to programs in far-flung Asia. It previously offered programs to Australia, Vietnam and Costa Rica. Many programs are tied to particular courses and can often be completed within one week or one semester.

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Arapahoe Community College Degrees